Jessica Harnois is a sommelier/activity leader with nearly 20 years’ experience in the restaurant field. She has worked as a sommelier for some of the top establishments in the world, including Tetsuya’s in Sydney, Australia and Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. She also held the position of head sommelier and wine buyer for SAQ Signature Services. She was responsible for Le Courrier vinicole catalogue and the SAQ’s prestigious wine cellar, which holds more than 75,000 collection-worthy bottles. Jessica has been president of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers since 2009 and has served as vice-president of the Pan-American Sommelier Alliance, which includes more than seven countries.

Jessica also heads Vins au Féminin, a female sommelier agency that includes Véronique Rivest (the world’s second best sommelier), Nadia Fournier (author of the Guide Phaneuf) and Karyne Duplessis-Piché (wine columnist for La Presse and Ricardo). Inventor of Dégustation VEGAS, she popularizes wine through a tasting game that’s fun for everyone.

This fall, you will be able to see Jessica as a contributor on “Ménage à Trois” on V Télé, hear her on Rouge FM and read her columns in magazines and on blogs, including Exquis, Avenues, Moi & Cie and Homme magazine.

Last but not least, Jessica is proud to publish the second edition of Un sommelier à votre table, a book co-authored with Alexandre Marchand and available in bookstores in late October.

For more information, visit jessicaharnois.com.

Infos: Linda Bouchard, SAQ.